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Welcome to the Goldendoodle Puppies Ranch

Weare so glad you stopped by! If you are looking for a goldendoodle then you have come to the right place. We have 20 years experience breeding goldendoodles. We sell locally as well as ship internationally all over the world. Our dogs are all handled with loving care from the day they are born until the day they leave for their home. We know you will continue that love in your own home. We do our best to get to know our customers a little before the sale and that always makes for a smooth transaction. You can fill-in our contact form by clicking here and we will send you pictures of our latest arrivals. Be careful: Our puppies are habit-forming! If you’ve never experienced the sheer joy of owning a goldendoodle then get ready for the time of your life. They are absolutely one of the most loveable, playful, excitable, fun-loving dog breeds you will ever meet. I’ve heard people call them mutts because they are a cross between a golden retriever and a standard poodle but they are anything but that. They are bred to be hypo-allergenic for all those children and adults that have a hard time tolerating animal dander. It fills that gap for people that otherwise couldn’t own a dog.

How We Operate

As our doodles become old enough to make the journey to their new homes we photograph them so we can share them with you. Our veterinarian checks them out for any possible health issues and administers all required shots. We only feed our dogs premium foods containing only the best human grade ingredients. We currently follow a strict rotation program that helps to minimize any allergies that may arise from repeated use of the same food. All of our dogs are kept current on all vaccinations and are on a year round heartworm parasite protection program. The dogs spend their days in the house with us or out in the yard playing with our children. We do not keep our dogs confined in kennels. They are free to roam our ranch wherever they please. We do have dogs we have to separate during breeding season but that is a requirement all breeders must face. One of our barn has an area with 8 sections where the dogs that are in separation are kept. Each section is 30’x30 giving each dog a total of 900 square feet to move around in. Most standard kennels are easily less than 100 square feet. The bottom line is that all of our dogs are treated with the utmost kindness and shown the same kind of love and respect you would give any family member. Our Doodles are family!

Of course, our puppies are born and raised indoors and handled on a daily basis by our entire family to produce well-socialized puppies from the very start. The puppies become a part of our daily lives, our family, and we interact with them constantly. Our puppies are very socialized to children of all ages due to the constanct interaction with our 7 children. As the puppies are born we select a name and each receive individual collars to track their health and personality during the various stages of their development. This help us convey to you a sense of theor personality before you eve arrive. We vaccinate at 6 weeks of age so your puppy has already had at least one of his shots. We also administer de-wormer at two-week intervals for 8 weeks. We provide you with a health record, a care and maintenance sheet, a small supply of food as well as a toy that smells like your puppies siblings to ease the transition from our home to yours. We also provide you with a puppy contract that provides a two year health guarantee and we microchip all our puppies at no additional charge.

We have always strived to produce happy, healthy and well-socialized puppies that will live a long and active life to provide your family with many years of enjoyment. We look forward to doing business with you!